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TB Behaviour 101 Empty TB Behaviour 101

Post by Reverend Red on Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:16 pm

These are the guidelines and rules of the forum. Please follow them as written and leave interpretation to administrators. Infrigment of this ruleset will result in reprecussions varying from warnings (and slander) to immediate banning.

-Flaming and trolling are frowned upon.
*Prefer to answer politely
*If you have nothing to add to a conversation, you may wish not to post anything at all.
*Slander and jest are surprisingly close to each other; keep in mind that even TB may be read by assholes without a sense of humor.

-Do not start redundant threads
*If a topic is locked, it means the discussion has ended.
*Instead of rewriting old stuff, feel free to search for an older topic of the same subject.

-Do not intervene
*If a person annoys you, (instead of the subject,) take it to Private Messages.
*Do not post to IC threads if you are not a part of the game.

-Do not use long or graphic signatures.
-Swearing, tactful nudity, politics, religion, sexuality etc. are allowed.

In general, just act like a normal, sensible person. The forum administrative organ (whoa, sounds professional!) does not like banning people, so it's not going to happen easily. But stay fairly civil.

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