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Post by Reverend Red on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:31 pm

[This post will be modified and added material to. This is a raw version of the post and the school will have further material added to them.]
The schools of the Art of War are almost as numerous as there are factions on the face of the planet - some are small subcategories or more specialised versions of their parent schools, or even combinations thereof. However, there are several more notable schools that form the backbone of magical martial studies in the world.

A school does not mean a place of study nearly as much as it means the style of the art. They are described below in an alphabetical order.

The School of Accord is known for its teachings of harmony and wisdom, relying more on fluent adjusting of style and understanding life and combat on a deeper level than rigid styles and force. What is most notable about Accordants and their fighting techniques is to be able to learn their enemies' strategy and moves and innately finding responses to them. To an Accordant, combat reminds a debate, in which you will have to have a complete and insightful picture of the arguments and all its side before being able to deal the final statement. Their teaching also includes large amounts of wisdom that usually calms energetic youth down and lead to them be able to take many non-combatant positions in life in strides. Some of the masters of the Accord are known to be able to copy and memorise stances, moves and techniques, and a few are rumored to have mastered every single step of combat.

The martial school known as Agog is the least constructed of them all. People who learn magic and martial skills by them own, through their experience and innovation, boosted by their exceptional natural talents are called Agogs. Most Agog techniques include the acceleration of their physical skills, senses and intuition. Most Agogs are physically exceptional and highly unpredictable combatants, usually using their surroundings and improvised weapons to an extensive degree. There are no true masters, and the lack of structure often leaves Agogs rash, uncontrolled, socially disliked and without contact to their peers. A typical Agog is a self-taught, confident blade-for-sale who can be found battling bandits and rogue sword masters without much hope for a large fame or fortune.

The Order of Desolace is a strange and grim group of people so few that they are hard to pinpoint on a map. In the furthermost reaches of mountain ranges and in forgotten swamps, small, dark schools teach the way of Desolace. Desolace's teachings include the forberance of all material good and positive feelings. Happiness, love and joy are considered poisons similar to drugs by Desolates, and are forbidden in their teachings. Instead, they are taught seclusion, sorrow and grief that fuel their strange and feared techniques. They are often more magic-users than sword-wielders and use their amoral and dark powers to remove life and semblance of life, emotion and fighting spirit from their enemies. Some turn to the school after losing their will to live, some see the philosophical ideal of emotionless existence as supreme and some are taken to the monasteries by their mothers as sacrifices or for safety. The school has also spawned a cult, known as the Fists of Misery, who are roaming bands of fanatics striving to rid the world of all emotion, using their magic and bare-fisted monastic training for feats of terrorism on targets they find idealistically opposed to themselves.

The martial school of Lancer joins together the steed and the weapon master, sharing their magic for more than the sum of their parts. They are outriders and cavalry leaders who train in the open plains and tundras of the world in small communities. A Lancer is most often trained in mounted archery, charging and close quarters, only leaving behind their designated steed for double-team techniques that make them feared and respected members of communities. By sharing their magic and even intellect with the animal, they can accelerate their mounts to unearthly speeds, even giving them the ability to fly over terrain or swim in water like fish. Expert travellers, scouts and animal handlers, the lancers are rarely seen plotting in the back of a group, more likely to wield their heaviest weapon and charging to the fray with the fire of a rampaging stallion. Lancers rarely settle down, rather departing from their training community and slowly assembling their own. With their natural bond to animals and their ability to give them greater sentience, they are able to persuade most animals to their side and need rarely be alone or afraid in the wilderness, which again balances out in their alien, free-roaming indifference towards settlement and establishment.

Ninefold Spiral
As the largest and most varied school, the Ninefold is also the most respected and known. Their representatives and trained warriors are found in all countries, ranging anything from government positions to farmers. They accept openly almost any trainee, happily giving basic training to even those completely without natural talent. In some countries they even represent the national armed forces. The name is derived from the nine circles that form the core of the Ninefold Spiral teachings - 8 specialised types of combat education and one general that encompasses something from all the rest. The circles are coded by color that also have representation in political views, for example the Black Spiral being anarchistically inclined. Every Spiral has enough to learn for a lifetime, so completely focusing on one is possible and often much more recommendable than studying the Grand Spiral. One reason the "circles" are called Spirals, is that the more you dedicate yourself to one, the further you continue down the circle, hence becoming further apart from the others and closer to centre of the teachings. The circles will be explained separately later.

The Tribal school is prominent in the wilder portions of the world, though urban Tribals are not unheard of. The school focuses on drawing power from their Totem beasts, great spirit beings roaming the forests, lakes, open skies and deep cavern of the world. Most Tribals belong, as per their name, to tribes of uncivilized nomads and hunters, hosted by a Totem beast, from which their highly spiritual and magical skills are derived from. The Tribal style combines enforcing and empowering magics with little technical finesse to produce unorthodox combinations of large, crude weapons and surprisingly refined tricks specific to the Host Totem. During the Plague of Eons, the Tribals have perhaps received the largest social problems, as the Totem beasts have in many cases been frenzied into uncontrollable monsters that curse animals with madness and unearthly power and attack their hosted tribes. Likewise many Tribal blade masters have become confused, angered and dangerous, spiritually responding to the plight of their Totem Hosts, still retaining their frightening and unpredictable powers.

[Those are the schools so far.]

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