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Post by Reverend Red on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:49 pm

Phew, I bet this is going to be a troublesome post. Feel free to ask anything related to the game mechanics.

Some preliminaries:

Q: How the hell do DFA's/Warlocks/whathaveyou work if arcane magic doesn't exist?

A: They just do. Their qualities MAY be changed to (Su) to offset the lack of spells. They still qualify for feats they would with SLA's.

Q: Fine, how about the Artificier?

A: Nope, no magic items can be made by PCs. Psionic items can, however. Mundane special items, alchemy and rifles and shit can be made.

Q: Concerning items, can you give us a general ruling on what items still work and what don't?

A: Yes I can. Spell completion items don't work. Staves, Spell-storing items, Wands, Scrolls etc. do NOT work. Potions do.

Q: What's with the psion nerf?

A: I'm not completely sure. It's a matter of teleportation, plane shifting, metamorphosis, flight etc. I have not reached a complete decision on what to do with them. If you have views on the issue, post them here.

Q: The monster balance scares the shit out of me.

A: Not a question, but that's good. 'Cause monsters are supposed to be really fucking scary. You can forget about the listed CR's, I'll handle that on my own.

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