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Post by Reverend Red on Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:20 pm


Anti-Psionic Feats
Concern Psionics.

Breath Channeling Feats
Concern Dragonfire Adepts.

Draconic Auras
Concern Dragon Shamans.

Draconic Feats.
This is a bunch of feats intended for sorcerers, bards and folks with the Dragontouched feat. They are
-Draconic Arcane Grace feats: Not only pointless, since Sorcerers are more than well off when it comes to arcane protection, but also require the new Spellbook system (detailed later.) No.
-Draconic Armor: Sorcerer buff that simply grants DR spell level/+1. The wording fails to inform for how long. Not only dumb, but also once again directed at the sorcerer who already has too much.
-Draconic Breath: Sorcs, once again. Sacrifice spell slots for damage, 2d6 per slots used. So, you can
sacrifice a Fireball, available at level 6, for 6d6
damage. Which is exactly how much Fireball does.
-Draconic Claw: Sorcs really need two claw attacks. No.
They don’t.
-Draconic Knowledge: Very minimal Lore skill bonuses.
-Draconic Persuasion: You gain Social skill bonuses.
According to your casting of a spell. I mean, what.
Sorcs already are CHA-based and hence have a lot of skill socially, so why would we need to endorse that even further? Because the poor Sorcerer, who can own the module any day and twice on Fridays, now needs to completely trump everyone in skill checks too? Yeah, right.
-Draconic Power: Increase to sorc caster level. I don’t know which this is more, pointless or stupid.
-Draconic Presence: Spells also become fear effects for sorcs. Great job, design team! Not.
-Draconic Resistance: More dumb bonuses, this time elemental protection. Isn’t this usually, you know,
achieved with spells? Rubbish.
-Draconic Senses: First off, they admit its script is bugged. Second of all, Darkvision or Blindsense? In NWN? Give me a break.
-Draconic Skin: +1 to AC. Plus ONE. One feat. Plus one.
This is brain poison.
-Draconic Vigor: Heal damage when casting spells. Which is twice a round. Really great for Sorcs, I mean, it’s not like they can solo enough already. Idiots.
-Dragonfire Assault: Converst Power Attack damage to elemental damage. VERY interesting. Dragon Disciples LOVE this pick. Is it unnecessary? I’m, to be honest, not sure. Not like it’s overpowered, really, but it’s
sort of encouraging power attack, which is not really that great (High AC monsters are more typical than low AC, high HP monsters.) There’s no need for this, but it wouldn’t damage balance either.
-Dragonfire Channeling: Turn attempt for pitiful AoE damage? Nobody would take this. If they did, shame on them. No.

-Dragonfire Inspiration: My favourite feat, perhaps, in PnP. This requires a thread of its own.

-Dragonfire Strike: Again, they admit it’s bugged AND it’s completely pointless. Nope.

-Dragon Heritage: Get access to draconic feats. Since I only suggest ONE of them, it’s just pointless for now.

-Dragonwrought: Classic Kobold feat. I do not endorse Kobolds as a PC race, so; no.

-Evil Brand: A feat that really only makes you qualify for another feat. No.

Extra Draconic Auras.
If we take Dragon Shamans into the mod, these are fine.
Until then, of course not.

Metabreath Feats.
Usable by dragons and dragonfire adepts. These could possibly be included even if DFAs weren’t, as more power to dragons = more power to dragons. Questions?

Metapsionic feats.
Psionic stuff, no.

Psionic Feats.
Huge array of stuff, but we’re NOT including psionics.

-Sanctify Martial Strike: A nice bonus for all sorts of warriors of good! Lower the CHA requirement and increase the damage to d6 or more and it’s a great feat!

Racial Feats.
Shifter, Warforged, Goliath (Heavy Lithoderms),
Changelings, Kalashtar. Not included if I have any say in the matter. I’ll just bundle up True Lycanthrope here as well. IF we plan on having werewolves and stuff running around, it’ll be done by DM involvement. Period.

-Tattoo focus: Will discuss Magic tattoos as well, later on.

-Vile Martial Strike: The same deal as Sanctify Martial strike, but a lot worse. I fail to get why. If we bring it to the same level as SMS, it’s a good addition.

-Agile Athlete: I will not be supporting this,
explanation later.

-Apostate: Save bonuses for non-paladins with high Wis.
So it seems it’s for clerics and druids, mostly. Or
something. Just no.

-Appraise Magic Value: WOOT! Identifying items is now also an appraise check. It’s like stupid meets stupid! With the power of these two combined we will- ah, nevermind. no.

-Attune Gem&Inscribe Rune: New way of making potions...
I think we should just beef up potions and leave this nonsense behind.

-Augment Healing: Nonsense.

-Blazing and Frozen Berserker: You can make yourself immune to either fire or cold when raging (though once again the feat description fails to say it) if you take both feats. And a barbarian should! I like them.

-Blood of the Warlord: Waste of space.

-Bloodline of Fire: Flavorful, but character flavor
isn’t the responsibility of feats that do nothing but give some +1 or +2 bonuses. No.

Bolster Resistance, Deadly Chill, Destruction
Retribution, Hardened Flesh and Nimble Bones. Finally an actual possibility of being a necromancer. These feats are mostly useful and do their job in bringing animated corpses into the game. The whole works should go in.

-Bow, Crossbow and Shuriken Mastery: Nonsense.

-Chosen of Evil: Not really worth it in any meaningful way.

-Cloak Dance: Temporary concealment. I only see this working as an extreme measure in a tight spot, hoping the cleric can get to you and heal you before you’re gone. A fairly decent concept. Still, the implementation is wrong.

-Cloudy Conjuration, Fearsome Necromancy, Energy Abjuration, Piercing Evocation, Insightful Divination, Toughening Transmutation, Dazzling Illusion, Unsettling Enchantment: Nothing wrong in particular, some are even strong, but just adds nothing to the play.

-Cormanthyran Moon Magic: Funny, probably doesn’t work and isn’t useful. So no. Despite of it being funny.

Construct, Rod, Skull, Staff, Wondrous Item, Ring. We do crafting asides from Potions and maybe wands with a scripted crafting system.

Dark Speech.
Speech, Whispers. Simply not properly workable and more or less pointless.

-Daunting Presence: Hmm, I needed to sit down with this one. For a full 18 seconds. And I came to the conclusion that this is actually a pretty damn good addition. Very similar to Taunt and stacks with it! In.

-Daylight Adaptation: In-engine daylight sickness is completely up to Vecna to decide. If he doesn’t do it himself, this is a pretty nice feat sink.

Willing Deformity and associated.
These are simply not in lieu with NWN mechanics.

-Disciple of Darkness: Improved True Strike once per day. Nope.

-Discipline of the Sun: Destroying Undead has never been easier. And I don’t support that.

-Dive for Cover: Would’ve been nice for fighters, for example... but then the small print reads: Death, no Save.

-Divine Cleansing: Just... no. The idea is good, but done embarassingly badly. I suggest, if we wanted something like this, that you could expend a Turn
Attempt to cure ability damage and level drain.

Resistance, Vengeance, Vigor: All very, very useless.

-Double Draconic Aura: You know what I’m about to say.

-tail, wings, friend, song, thrall: Every one of these is poop.

-Dragontouched: Again, entry for the few useful draconic feats. I think we’ll just rework the concept.

-Empower Turning: Fairly interesting, somewhat, maybe, but not good enough for Awakening.

-Ethran: Now they made a feat to especially humiliate female characters? What a very subtle approach to misogyny!

-Exalted Turning: Well, not really. A little iffy on
this call.

-Exceptional, Extraordinary and Legendary Artisan I-III: Again, crafting is handled by a crafting script engine.

-Extra Edge: Warmage.

-Extraordinary Spell Aim: Vecna needs to have a look at this. If the script is fine, it’s a very nice party
feat. As in ”Billy’s Bachelor Party between 9PM and 2AM tonight! Place: inside Jake’s Horrid Wilting.”

-Force of Personality: With all the Saving throw tricks already in the market, leave this out.

-Greater Two-Weapon Fighting: Goodness gracious... is it too much or is it a blessing of the highest order? I’m leaning towards the former.

-Holy Radiance: Nope.

-Manyshot and Improved: No. Not because of Balance reasons, but simply because they are not needed. They’re not.

-Improved Turn Resistance: Sure, it’s a monster feat.

-Insidious Magic: No.
-Pernicious Magic: Likewise.
-Tenacious Magic: As above.
-Sudden Metamagics: Don’t work right in NWN.

-Insightful Reflexes: This, when it comes down to it, is a Wizard buff. I don’t like it.

-Intuitive Strike: Good-only gargantuan cleric buff.
Hell no.

-Jergal’s Pact: So damn embarassing, I blushed when I read it.

-Killing Shot, Pinpoint Accuracy, Perfect Shot I&II: Hmmmmmpossibly. A long line of feats that are marginally good, but may pack that needed extra punch for the fighter archer.

-Leadership: Banned in almost all PnP games, this is very, very counterintuitive for NWN, where hirelings are gained through completely other means. So, like in a good game of D&D 3rd edition, this is out.

-Lich Loved: Yuck.

-Lolth’s Meat: A drow feat that really, really sucks.

-Magical Aptitude: nope.

-Master’s Will: Hilarious, possibly too strong. No
reason to be included.

-Menacing Demeanor: Hahaha, yeah, no.

-Might Makes Right: Leadership-related, hence, out.

-Moradin’s Smile: Not.

Cyst-related everything is out.

-Natural Spell: The feat that brought down the roof. In PnP, this feat single-handedly made the Druid the second best D&D 3.5 base class. What will it do to NWN? Is a Dire Bear casting Storms of Vengeance that bad after all? What a tricky feat. This will, I bet, be discussed in the future. I, for now, say ”go for it.”

-Nimbus of Light: Including this feat is like what my childhood friend said; stepping on a human turd in the dark.

-Obscure Lore: Well, +4 is quite the lot. But really, guys. This just doesn’t belong.

-Piercing Sight: Yaddayadda.

-Plague Resistant: Blaahblaah.

-Practised Spellcaster: Yeah, great for multiclassing sorcs and wizards. Because casters really need that buff to be useful.

-Profane Lifeleech: Fairly interesting use of a Turn Attempt (damage good guys and gain HP,) but not likely to see screen time. No.

-Rapid Metabolism: ”Hmm, your natural healing gets better, probably at resting. Oh, a sidenote.

-Reckless Offense: Not good enough.

-Reckless Rage: Better than the above, but I don’t think it’s worthwhile. Again with the horrible description texts, too.

-Reflexive Psychosis: Nice. Gain Damage reduction five
(5) and only become confused in turn. What a really great idea... idiots.

-Relic Hunter: No.

-Remain Conscious: So, which should I take, the feat that requires two other feats, that lets me crawl around when below 0 HP, or the one that has no prereqs and lets me operate normally when below 0 HP. Mmm-mm, what a tough choice.

-Requiem: Interesting! Hell, I’d just add this feat as a bard class feature at level eightish.

-Rulership: Leadership-related, so no.

-Sacred Vengeance: Turn attempt for 2d6 damage against undead. Divine Might (and possibly a feat proposed earlier) already does this and more.

-Sacred Vitality: Jeepers, mister! This is great!
Ability damage etc. Are really annoying. 10 rounds of immunity for one turn attempt is not only good, but also very good. That’s twice the good, in case you didn’t notice.

-Scorpion’s Resolve: More of this +2 whatever junk.

-Servant of the Heavens: Do these people even read what they’re adding to their hakpack? I mean, like, read it.
Is it filler, sick jokes or just stupidity?

-Shadow Weave: Completely incompatible with NWN. Even if you sit down and look at what the Shadow Weave does, you’ll only find yourself wallowing knee-deep in
overworded explanation for: +1 to something. Well, basically, like 90% of these feats. Sheesh.

The Vows.
Sacred Vow, Abstinence, Nonviolence, Obedience, Peace, Poverty and Purity: They do not work with NWN. They are RP choices, character concepts and such. Abiding them as according to the actual scripting is obviously sporked in all sorts of ways. If they aren’t unfair to
you, they’re unfair against your opposition. The Vows were first introduced in the Book of Exalted Deeds.
Which is always a damn bad thing. This entire concept needs to be weeded out. NO. Not on my watch.

-Shared Fury: Combine Druid (or a level 6+ ranger) with a barbarian? Interesting! I’d let it in!

-Spell Girding: I’d love to have this for my clerics.
And that’s generally a sign it’s a bad thing.

-Spellfire Wielder: Another casting system that simply brings nothing remarkable to the game. It’s not going in.

-Storm Magic: Yeah, no. It’s kinda cool, though.

-Tactile Trapsmith: Good addition. That’s all.

-Thrall to Demon: I’ve seen this one before... True strike once per day.

-Track: Whoa, what a catastrophe area (in comparison to PnP)

-Truename Training: Bet you know what this is.

-Wild Talent: Around we go, back to the start, sort of, with this being psionics again.

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