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Post by Reverend Red on Thu May 06, 2010 10:23 am

a fighter at level 15 is lucky to have a +2 sword and +1 armor with a regular shield at that. He might have a limited use ring or other item with limited uses.

OK, let's see. Let's give this fighter phenomenal starting stats. Her name is Gertrud.

Gertrud, Medium Humanoid

HD: 15d10+60=210 (maxing rolls at every level)

Ability Scores:
STR 18+3=21
DEX 14 =14
CON 18 =18
INT 14 =14
WIS 12 =12
CHA 10 =10

Will:+5+2+3(Iron will)=10

BAB 15
Attack: +2 katana 1d10+5+2 // 15+2(wepaon)+5(str)+1(weapon focus)=18/13/8 attack bonus.

AC: 10+1(dex)+8(full plate)+1(armor enchantment)+3(tower shield)+1(dodge) =24 AC (touch 12, flat-footed 22)

Other features:
-Improved Knockdown
-Improved Trip
-Necklace of Fireballs II (fireballs, 6d6, 4d6, 2d6, each once/day. ref 14 halves)

Adult Green Dragon (CR 13)
HD:20d12+100 (230)

Ability Scores:

AttacK +26/+26/+26/+26 (note the greatly reduced melee power from the D&D Monsters Manual)

Damage: 2d6+8 x 4 (once again dropped damage)

AC:27 (-2 size, +19 natural), touch 8, flat-footed 27

Ref: +12

Breath Weapon: 12d6 acid damage, ref DC 25 halves
Fear aura dc: 23
Wingflap dc: 24 (arbitrarily picked an average number, because I don't know which formula the flap uses)

Casts as a 5th level sorcerer, but we'll just ignore that, because mage armor and invisibility and other buffs would be unfair at this point already.

Well, the fight starts. Because Gertrud has a higher DEX (hence initiative in this scenario) she does a ranged attack first, using her best blast from the necklace. That is 6d6 damage, with an average of 21 fire damage. The lizard has a ref of +12, so she only fails on a one or a two. Let's assume she rolled a one.

Now the dragon runs towards Gertrud, capturing her in the fear aura. Her Will save is 10, so she only needs to roll a 13 to not panic. If she does fail, the dragon will murder her.

For the sake of the argument, she doesn't. She gets into melee now, performing a full attack routine to figure out if she has a chance of hitting the dragon. That's 18/13/8. She needs to roll a 9 with the first, 14 with the second and 19 with the last one. She hits with #1, but not the other two. That's 1d10+5+2=12,5 (average.) Gertrud has a second to think what to do.

Now the Dragon breathes: The DC is 25, which Gertrud will save against with an 18. I'd love to see her make it, but I highly doubt that. She takes 12d6, which is 42 acid damage.

Gertrud realises that she certainly shouldn't be anywhere near this guy and runs like a roadrunner to a near-by bridge, which is too narrow for the dragon. There she drops her other two daily fireballs for 4d6 and 2d6 damage =21 damage ref halves.

Do I need to go on with this?

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