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The Plague Theory Empty The Plague Theory

Post by Reverend Red on Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:46 pm

[This section will be modified in the future, as me and HaM come up with new ideas and concepts.]

The Plague has been feverishly studied and tested, and much has been discovered and theorized over the decade it has been known. The only ascertained fact is that it is contracted through emotion rather than physical conditions.

These are some of the few facts about the disease:
-Emotions that spread the disease are those considered negative and/or dangerous, such as greed, anger, hatred and sorrow.
-The disease enters the body and may not be removed through any means, permanently changing the person, basically nourishing it with bizarre and unknown magic, exceeding its lifespan ad infinitum.
-As of now, there is no way of recognising a diseased individual, except some of the most crude of experiments, such as removing of large amount of tissue or ending the suspected diseased's natural life span.
-The victim will continue to operate, however losing dexterity of the mind by the day and year, eventually only having the most basic functions active - hunger, reproduction and survival.
-An infected person will continue this unlife until completely decimated or disabled.
-Upon the 'death' of a victim, the body stays still for a small period of time before resuming action. The 'risen' victim's decline into a monstrous travesty of a human is sped up greatly by an assumed death.
-The disease may be resisted through the control of emotions.

The most agreed upon theories include:
-The emotion through which the Plague of Eons is contracted largely decides the 'type' of the undead they transform into.
-The amount of aggressive, sexual, emotional, intellectual etc. tendencies within a person determines the rapidity of the change and some of the end results.
-Positive feelings such as success, serenity, love and trust help as a natural immunity against the Plague.
-A contracted person begins to spread the disease the moment the Plague enters their bodies.
-The length over which the disease spreads depends on the recipients negative feeling's strength. A powerful rage or the deepest sorrow may invite the Plague from miles away, while regularly coveting a friend's material wealth brings the sickness' contraction range within a few dozen yards.
-Desires and needs become perverted versions of their natural state during the course of the sickness.
-The subject's relation to their surrounding people becomes twisted with time, and the victim loses empathy and difference towards others rapidly.

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