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Post by Tshern on Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:39 pm

Just some builds I am working on posted here for easy access everywhere. More room for notes than at Myth-weavers and I love to have some room for notes. No need to comment on anything here.

Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.

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Tshern's workbox Empty Anima Mage

Post by Tshern on Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:40 pm

Galia, the Forgotten Historian
Middle-aged Male Necropolitan Gray Elf Focused Transmuter 3/Master Transmuter 1/Binder 1/Anima Mage 10/Archmage 1

Medium Undead
Hit Dice: 16d12+48 (157)
Initiative: +20 (+5 dex, +4 improved initiative, +5 warning, +2 eager, +2 nimble bones, +2 belt of battle)
Speed: 40 feet (8 squares), 40 feet (perfect)
Armor Class: 32 Touch: 31 Flat-footed: 27
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+6
Attack: +6 melee quarterstaff (1d6), +11 ranged touch attack
Full Attack: +6 melee quarterstaff (1d6)/+1 quarterstaff (1d6)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Special Qualities: Undead traits, Nimble bones, Rainbow falls
Class features: Arcane reach, Exploit vestige, Familiar (bat, Planetar), Soul bind, Soul binding bonus +10, Vestige casting, Vestige metamagic 3/day, Vestigial awereness
Saves: FORT 12 REFL 10 WILL 24
Abilities: STR 9 DEX 20 CON - INT 31 WIS 12 CHA 18
Skills: Bluff 14, Concentration 26, Diplomacy 18, Intimidate 16, Knowledge (arcana) 31, Knowledge (architecture&engineering) 14, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 14, Knowledge (history) 17, Knowledge (local) 13, Knowledge (nature) 17, Knowledge (nobility&royalty) 17, Knowledge (religion) 31, Knowledge (the planes) 31, Sense motive 6, Spellcraft 32, Use magic device 11
Feats: Collegiate wizard, Evil brand, Evil's blessing, Extend spell, Greater spell focus (Transmutation), Ignore special requirements, Improved binding, Improved initiative, Iron will, Master's will, Persistent spell, Quicken spell, Skill focus (Spellcraft), Spell focus (Illusion), Spell focus (Transmutation)
Flaws: Murky-eyed, Vulnerable
Environment: Planescape
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Challenge Rating: 16
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Languages Spoken: Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gith, Infernal, Neraph
Level Adjustment: +0

Spells prepared:

0: Detect magic, Detect magic, Light, Light
1: Benign transposition, Grease, Nerveskitter, Obscuring mist, Ray of clumsiness, Ray of clumsiness, Shield, Silent image, True strike
2: Fog cloud, Glitterdust, Heroics, Invisibility, Pyrotechnics, Pyrotechnics, Scintillating scales, See invisibility, Web
3: Bands of steel, Displacement, Greater Magic weapon, Haste, Haste, Phantom steed, Slow, Slow
4: Black tentacles, Extended Haste, Dimensional lock, Greater Invisibility, Orb of fire, Polymorph, Solid fog, Voice of the dragon
5: Baleful polymorph, Baleful polymorph, Draconic polymorph, Dragonsight, Greater Blink, Passwall, Quickened Benign transposition
6: Disintegrate, Disintegrate, Flesh to stone, Greater Anticipate teleport, Greater Dispel magic, Superior resistance, True seeing
7: Bite of the werebear, Control weather, Elemental body, Glass strike, Greater Stone shape, Limited Wish, Stun ray
8: Mind blank, Polymorph any object, Polymorph any object, Superior Invisibility

DC 20+spell level (22+spell level for transmutation, 21+spell level for illusion)

Spells known:
0: All, except those from Enchantment, Evocation or Necromancy school
1: Animate rope, Benign transposition, Comprehend languages, Familiar pocket, Grease, Lesser Orb of acid, Magic aura, Nerveskitter, Obscuring mist, Ray of clumsiness, Reduce person, Shield, Silent image, True strike
2: Fog cloud, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Pyrotechnics, Rope trick, Scintillating scales, See invisibility, Web
3: Bands of steel, Blink, Dispel magic, Displacement, Fly, Greater Magic weapon, Haste, Phantom steed, Slow
4: Assay spell resistance, Black tentacles, Dimensional anchor, Greater Invisibility, Greater Mirror image, Orb of fire, Polymorph, Solid fog, Spell enchancer, Voice of the dragon,
5: Baleful polymorph, Cloudkill, Contact other plane, Draconic polymorph, Dragonsight, Fabricate, Greater Blink, Passwall, Planar tolerance, Shadow form, Wall of stone
6: Control water, Disintegrate, Flesh to stone, Greater Anticipate teleport, Greater Dispel magic, Imbue familiar with spell ability, Move earth, Superior Resistance, True seeing,
7: Bite of the werebear, Control weather, Elemental body, Energy immunity, Ethereal jaunt, Glass strike, Greater Stone shape, Greater Teleport, Limited Wish, Sequester, Stun ray
8: Mind blank, Moment of prescience, Polymorph any object, Superior Invisibility

Assumed buffs: Draconic polymorph (CL 25 vs dispels, 48 hour duration), Greater Anticipate teleport (210', 48h, CL 25 vs dispels), Superior resistance (48h, CL 35 vs dispels), Greater Magic weapon (42 hours, CL 35 vs dispels), Dragonsight (42 hours, CL 25 vs dispels), Greater blink (48 hours, CL 25 vs dispels), Mind blank (48h, CL 25 vs dispels), Mass Conviction (CL 35 vs dispels), Defensive precognition

-Str 33, Dex 25, Con 26, large outsider, +19 natural armor, 90 feet flight (good)
-AC: 58 Touch: 39, Flat-footed: 51
-FORT 31 REFL 22 WILL 35
-Initiative: +24
-AB: 15/10
-Hp: 285

Assumed vestiges
-Zceryll: +3 vs mind-affecting, immune to confusion and weird, 230 feet 1d3 round daze (DC 20), Summon monster 1-VI 1/5 rounds, Mindsight+telepathy 100 feet, pseudonatural (res 15 against acid and electricity, SR 25, True strike 1/day)
-Buer: +4 to Heal, K: Nature and Survival, immune to disease and poison, 30 feet aura of poison and disease immunity, fast healing 3, 1d8+10 healing touch 1/5 rounds, Track (give up for an extra 7th level slot)

Character background:

Like so many other gray elves, Galia started dabbling with magic at an early age and with a combination of outstanding talent and rigorous training he soon proved to be more than a match for his teachers. His innate talent made him arrogant too. He seeked knowledge that could not be gained with arcane arts, so he directed his endeavours to calling spirits and oppressing them for greater power.

In due time he learned the most terrible of combinations, that of arcane magic and spirit binding. He knew he would be caught if he continued his sinister ways within the elven community and so he fled. His years of travels made him a lot more powerful, but the power came at a great price. He lost his vitality and both his mind and soul slowly corrupted. After almost a decade of reading and preparing he went through a terrible ritual that transformed him into a living dead, a necropolitan as he calls it.

At around this time his greed grew so great he was ready to utilise any means to gain more might. Eventually, in a ritual that devastated an entire city, he called the Demon Prince Graz'zt to the Mortal Coil. Swearing to be his eternal servant he was granted powers beyond his expectations and now he is planning to destroy Graz'zt and take over his demesne, Azzagrat...

Appearance and personality
Galia's mind is a raging ocean of hatred, insanity and malevolence. He usually keeps his true mind locked behind a layer of arrogance and knowledge, but mental pressure can easily make him lash out and destroy everything nearby. Galia loves to use his vast intellect to stay one step ahead of his foes and allies alike and never reveals the entirety of his knowledge unless his very existence depends on it.

Galia is a relatively tall elf, standing at 5'9'', but weighing next to nothing due to his undead transformation. He prefers to wear elaborate and extremely expensive purple and red robes and a regal crown often adorns his head. His eyes are dead white and never seem to move, but there is no doubting his eternal vigilance.

Usually Galia appears as an angelic creature of outstanding beauty. The skin of this creaure is beautiful green and the lush white wings are usually folded around him like a celestial cloak. This form of his is, naturally, nothing but a facade to protect him from external attacks and suspicion.

Wealth and crafting calculations:
-All crafted items require the user to be of evil alignment

-Beads of karma, 1300x4=5200, 416 XP, Craft wondrous item (3640, 291 XP)
-+6Headband of intellect/Headband of Conscious Effort=19000, 1520 XP, Craft wondrous item (13300, 1064 XP)
-+1 Feycraft Mithral chainshirt of Ghostward & Deathward, Craft magic arms and armor (23175, 1854 XP)
-+1 Quarterstaff of Spellstrike, Eager/+1Warning with wand chambers, 13000, 960 XP, Craft magic arms and armor (9100, 728 XP)
-+6 Gloves of dexterity/Evasion, Craft wondrous item (11550, 924 XP)
-+5 Ghostward Animated Githcraft Mithral heavy shield & Deathward, 10170 GP, 720 XP, Craft magic arms and armor (26369, 2110 XP)
-Belt of battle/Belt of the Wide Earth, 10000, 800 XP, Craft wondrous item (4200, 560 XP)
-Handy haversack, 1000, 80 XP, Craft wondrous item (700, 57 XP)
-Orange ioun stone, 15000, 1200 XP, Craft wondrous item (10500, 840 XP)
-Ring of Arcane Might/Enduring arcana, 13000, 1340 XP, Forge ring (9100, 728 XP)
-Wand of Assay spell resistance (25 charges), 5250, 420 XP, Craft wand (3675, 37 XP)
-Ring of Counterspells/Protection+1, 4000, 320 XP, Forge ring (2800, 224 XP)
-Amulet of natural armor+1/Circlet of Persuasion, 3250, 80 XP (2275, 126 XP)
-Blessed book, 6250, 500 XP, Craft wondrous item (4375, 350 XP)
-+4 Cloak of charisma/Mantle of second chances, 14000, 1120 XP, Craft wondrous item (8820, 706 XP)
-Masterwork tools for 14 skills (no Spellcraft, Concentration), 350
-Bag of holding IV, 5000, 400 XP, Craft wondrous item (3500, 280 XP)
-Decanter of endless water, 4500, 360 XP, Craft wondrous item (3150, 252 XP)
-Bottle of air, 3625, 290 XP, Craft wondrous item (2537.5, 203 XP)
-Contingent Harm/Heal if under 20 hitpoints (CL 11), Craft contingent spell (4620, 370 XP)
-A scroll of Sequester, 1137.5, 91 XP, Scribe scroll (795.9, 64 XP)
-Contingent Widened Blasphemy CL 30 (command word), Craft contigent spell (14400, 1152)
-Contingent Revivify CL 9, Craft contingent spell (2700, 216 XP)
-Contigent Delay death CL 7, Craft contigent spell (1680, 135 XP)
-Boots of Freedom of Movement, Craft wondrous item (12000, 960 XP)
-Thought activated True strikex50, Craft contingent spell (3000, 240 XP)
-Thought activated Scintillating scales, Craft contingent spell (360, 29 XP)
-Pearl of power IIx3
-Metamagic rod of Extend spell, lesserx2, Craft rod (1800, 144 XP)
-Metamagic rod of Extend spell, normal, Craft rod (3300, 264 XP)
-Wand of Nerveskitter, Craft wand (225, 18 XP)
-Feather token (tree)x2, Craft wondrous item (240, 19 XP)
-Dragonsight, Shadow form, Reduce person scrolls, Scribe scroll (1537.5, 123 XP)
-+10 item of Use magic device (on familiar), Craft wondrous item (3000, 240 XP)
-+4 Cloak of charisma from Jussi (on familiar)
-Goggles of the golden sun, Craft wondrous item (1200, 96 XP)
-Continuous psionic tattoo of Defensive precognition, Craft psionic tattoo (19200, 1536 XP)
-Armband of elusive action, Craft wondrous item (1200, 95 XP)

Experience points used
179636/23000 XP

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Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.

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Tshern's workbox Empty Re: Tshern's workbox

Post by Reverend Red on Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:48 pm

Lawful Evil

Phrenic Human Cloistered Cleric 11/Barbarian 1/Ordained Champion 3

STR 14
DEX 10
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 27
CHA 18

Spell, Knowledge, War, Magic

Feats: Knowledge devotion, Weapon focus, Power attack

Leap attack, Shocktrooper, Extend spell, Persistent spell, Divine metamagic, Extra turningx2, Holy warrior, Practiced spellcaster

Master's will, Evil brand, Chosen of evil, Evil's blessing

Flaws: Shaky, Noncombatant

Periapt of wis+6
Weapon+3 (+1 eager warning)
Mithral breastplate+1 of Ghostward/+1 spellstrike armor spikes
Mithral animated heavy shield+1 of Ghostward


Beads of karmax4 2600x4 12400
Wings of flying 54k



+4 cha 16k

Rainbow falls 3000k

Lesser rod of extend

haversack 2

Ring of counterspells+enduring arcana 14

Ring of protection+1

Amulet of nat+1 4

Masterwork tools for knowledges 300

Scrolls of uncertain provenance 8

Belt of battle 12

True seeingx2 0.3


+1 light

+2 headband of intellect 2k

Goggles of the golden sun 4

2xwand of Wraithstrike



0. Lightx2, Create waterx2, Detect magicx2
1. Divine favor, Divine favor, Lesser vigor, Lesser vigor, Conviction, Shield of faith, Shield of faith,
2. Lesser restoration, Brambles, Brambles, Extended Sign, Extend Sign, Divine insight, Divine insight, Detect thoughts (D)
3. Magic vestment, Magic vestment, Blindsight, Mass conviction, Mass Conviction, Spikes, Dispel magic (D)
4. Divine power, Lesser infernal transformation, Sheltered vitality, Greater magic weapon, Death ward,
5. Righteous might, Righteous wrath of the faithful, Revivify, True seeing (D)
6. Heal, Superior resistance, Harm, Draconic polymorph (D)
7. Blasphemy, Greater Consumptive field, Power word: Blind (D)

Jump 8
Knowledge: Local, nature, the planes, arcana, dungeoneering 17
Knowledge: religion 18
Concentration 17

Knowledges: +26
Knowledge: religion +27

Fighting form: Glabrezu, Huge outsider

STR 44
DEX 10
CON 36

AB: 38/33/28 (+5 Knowledge devotion)
AC: 45 (Touch 25, Flat-footed 45)
HP: 271
DM6: 2d8+30 (+5 Knowledge devotion, 3xPA ratio)

Speed: 40 feet, 60 fly (good)
Initiative: +7 (+11 with Sign)
Fort 39 Refl 16 Will 32

"--thought bottle may be used to store thoughts, memories, experience, or spells."
Reverend Red
Reverend Red

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Tshern's workbox Empty Re: Tshern's workbox

Post by Tshern on Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:58 pm

Okay, here I go with that one.

Phrenic Human Lion Totem Barbarian 1/Cloistered Cleric 11/Ordained Champion of Asmodeus 3/Contemplative 1

Medium Humanoid [Psionic]
Hit Dice: 1d12+12d6+3d8+64 (122hp)
Initiative: +9 (+2 eager, +5 warning, +2 belt of battle)
Speed: 30 feet (6 squares)
Armor Class: 28 Touch: 10Flat-footed: 28
Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+11
Attack: Heavy club +13 melee (1d8+11)
Full Attack: Heavy club +13 melee (1d8+11)/+8 melee (1d8+11)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Special Qualities: Naturally psionic (1 PP), Psi-like abilities
Class features: Divine health, Divine magician, Lore (1d20+13), Modified spontaneous casting, Pounce, Rebuke undead (22/day), Smite
Saves: FORT 28 REFL 16 WILL 35
Abilities: STR 14 DEX 10 CON 18 INT 14 WIS 28 CHA 24
Skills: Concentration 21, Jump 10, Knowledge (arcana) 26, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 26, Knowledge (local) 26, Knowledge (nature) 26, Knowledge (religion) 27, Knowledge (the planes) 26
Feats: Chosen of evil, Divine metamagic (Persistent spell), Evil brand, Extend spell, Extra turning, Extra turning, Holy warrior, Knowledge devotion, Leap attack, Master's will, Persistent spell, Power attack, Practiced spellcaster, Shocktrooper, Weapon focus (Great club)
Flaws: Shaky, Vulnerable
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Challenge Rating: 15
Alignment: Lwaful Evil
Languages Spoken:
Level Adjustment: +2

-+4 Amulet of constitution/Natural armor+1 (5400)
-+6 Periapt of wisdom (10800)
-+6 Cloak of charisma/Mantle of second chances (6600) (from loot, +4 given away)
-Handy haversack (600)
-Lesser metamagic rod of Extend (900)
-Ring of Counterspells/Enduring arcana (4200)
-Ring of Protection+1/Freedom of movement (12600)
-Scrolls of uncertain provenance (8000)
-Belt of battlex2 (7200)
-Nightstick (7500)
-Beads of karmax4 (3640)
-+2 Headband of intellect (1200)
-Tools for six Knowledge skills (300)
-Wings of flying (16200)
-Components for 5 True seeing spells (750)
-Components for 5 Revivifies (5000)
-Root hammer (adamantine Maul of the titans, +1 Eager Warning, wandchamber) (8291)
-Rainbow falls (3000)
-Wand of wraithstrikex2 (2700)
-+1 Mithral breastplate of Ghostward and Deathward (4833)
-+1 Spellblade armor spikes (2500)
-+1 Animated heavy shield of Ghostward (4950)
-Goggles of the golden sun (1200)
-Pearl of power Ix5 (5000)
-Phylactery of undead turning (3300)
-Metamagic rod of Extend, lesserx2 (6000)

Contingencies bought:
-Revivify if dropped to below -10 hit points (2700)
-Heal if under 50 hitpoints (5400)
-Draconic polymorph if the current one is dispelled (5400)
-Thought activated Divine power (1680)
-Thought activated True strikex50 (3000)
-Thought activated Righteous might (2700)
-Thought activated Divine favorx50 (3000)
-Thought activated Scintillating scales (360)
-Thought activated Signx10 (600)
-Thought activated Nerveskitterx10 (600)
6 5+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1
3 2 2 2 2 1 1

Spells prepared:
0. Lightx2, Create waterx2, Detect magicx2
1. Divine favor, Divine favor, Lesser vigor, Lesser vigor, Conviction, Protection from good, Shield of faith, Shield of faith,
2. Lesser restoration, Brambles, Brambles, Extended Sign, Extend Sign, Divine insight, Divine insight, Detect thoughts (D)
3. Magic vestment, Magic vestment, Blindsight, Mass Conviction, Mass Conviction, Ray of exhaustion, Spikes, Dispel magic (D)
4. Divine power, Lesser infernal transformation, Sheltered vitality, Greater Magic weapon, Greater Magic weapon, Death ward, Divine power (D)
5. Revivify, Righteous might, Righteous wrath of the faithful, Righteous wrath of the faithful, True seeing (D)
6. Heal, Superior resistance, Fleshriver, Harm, Draconic polymorph (D)
7. Blasphemy, Greater Consumptive field, Sequester, Power word: Blind (D)

Spells known:
1: Ray of enfeeblement
2: False life
3: Ray of exhaustion
4: Enervation
5: Reciprocal gyre
6: Fleshriver
7: Sequester

Combat statistics
Assumed buffs: Girallon's blessing, Fuse arms, Draconic polymorph, Superior resistance, Mass Conviction, Divine power, Magic vestmentx2, Greater magic weaponx2, Sign

Marilith, Large Outsider

STR 55 DEX 19 CON 35

Fort 36 Refl 20 Will 35

AB: 43/38/33/28
AC: 47 Touch: 31 Flat-footed: 43
Dmg: 2d6+45
Hp: 266
Speed: 40 feet, fly 60 (good)
Initiative: +17 (+4 dex, +2 eager, +5 warning, +4 Sign, +2 belt of battle)

With Divine favor, Knowledge devotion, Haste, Brambles and Righteous wrath of the faithful

AB: 55/55/50/45/40
Dmg: 2d6+66

Full power attack and Leap attack and Shocktrooper:
AB: 57/57/52/47/42
Dmg: 2d6+114

Character background:

Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.

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Tshern's workbox Empty Halloweed Competition: Lapinnoita

Post by Tshern on Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:40 pm

Raud the Lapinnoita
Middle-aged Wereowl (Afflicted) Unseelie Fey Human Bard 2/Binder 4/Ur-Priest 2/Anima Mage 10/Frost Mage 1

Medium Fey
Hit Dice: 6d8+2d6+12d4+80 (146)
Initiative: +14 (+5 dexterity, +5 insight, +2 unnamed, +2 vestigial awareness, +2 belt of battle)
Speed: 30 feet
Armor Class: 29 Touch: 26 Flat-footed: 24
Base Attack/Grapple: +10/+10
Attack: Shortbow +16 ranged (1d6+1)
Full Attack: Shortbow +16/+11 ranged (1d6+1)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Special Qualities and class features: Bardic lore (1d20+8 ), Bardic music, Damage reduction 15/cold iron, Damage reduction 5/silver (in animal or hybrid form) Exploit vestige, Fascinate Pact augmentation (1 ability), Rebuke undead (9/day) Spellbreaker song, Soul binding (EBL 16) Suppress sign, Vestige metamagic (3/day), Vestigial casting, Winter's chill
Saves: FORT 11 REFL 12 WILL 30
Abilities: STR 10 DEX 20 CON 18 INT 18 WIS 32 CHA 22
Skills: Bluff 18, Concentration 15, Diplomacy 27, Intimidate 31, Knowledge (arcana) 24, Knowledge (history) 19, Knowledge (nature) 19, Knowledge (religion) 24, Knowledge (the planes) 24, Perform (drum) 13 Sense motive 23, Spellcraft 12 and Never outnumbered and Collector of stories skill tricks
Feats: Extend spell, Frozen magic, Imperious command, Improved binding, Iron will (B), Knowledge devotion, Master of poisons, Persistent spell, Piercing cold, Poison spell, Spell focus (Evil)
Flaws: Noncombatant, Vulnerable
Environment: The snowy mountains of Finland
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Languages Spoken: Common, Saame

Possessions: +6 ability boosters to charisma, dexterity, constitution, intelligence and wisdom, +3 tome to wisdom, +1 eager warning gauntlets, +1 splitting composite shortbow (with a high, high STR bonus), dozens of +1 spell storing arrows, monk's belt, masterwork drum, +10 competence bonus item to intimidate, belt of battle. Toss in whatever normal Clerics use: prayer beads, metamagic rods and so forth. Masterwork tools for all the skills I put ranks in and a variety of poisons are great for the fluff.

Spells prepared: 6/8/8/7/6/6/6/5/3/2.

Vestiges: Dantalion, Chupoclops, Haures. The EBL of the character is 16 so 7th level vestiges are available. Astaroth is mighty handy for cheating the WBL curve.

Numbers crunching and mechanical aspects: A Lapinnoita is a horrendous creature of the northern tundras. They act as shamans and are known for their ability to invoke create pain and anguish in those who are around them. They are also associated with storms and destruction of crops. Anguish is brought in to the game with the decent intimidation abilities, the piercing cold of Winter's chill and Chupoclops' Aura of sadness. The pain aspect is achieved with Spell storing arrows packed with Contagion and, of course, Poison spell is utilised here. This strategy is also thematically appropriate seeing how the pain-causing causing curse is called noidannuoli which translates to witch's arrow.

According to the legends a Lapinnoita travels like the wind or mere thought. It so happens that Dantalion offers an ability called Thought travel and with Haures a Lapinnoita can become essentially ethereal when moving. They also keep contacts to spirits and often join their world in meditation. How appropriate are vestiges and Astral projection here? The last method of travel commonly associated with the lapinnoita myth is becoming a bird and flying. Owl is a very Finnish bird and Druid levels were not thematically appropriate, so I used this option instead. Not the worst choice, right?

This Lapinnoita can also work as a sage without problems. Dantalion provides hefty bonuses to Knowledge checks and Lore ability can be acquired with other vestiges if the Bardic version (1d20+8 is not much) is not enough. All the divination spells from the Cleric spell list are also available and Miracle is, once again, an extremely helpful tool. The reason for the levels of Bard was not alone to get the skills and lore but to make sure that the musical aspect of Finnish shamans and sages is there. Finnish shamans usually carried a drum they played in their performances.

In short, the build has everything needed to make the Halloween of its opponents living hell. With disease, poison, demoralisation and all the other penalties make sure no-one gets away without punishment if they ever get close to the elusive witch, who can stop foes with a mere glance. A few persistent spells (six if you extend them too) can give this bad girl anything Miracle can reach and that is saying a lot. Superior resistance and Conviction keep the saves up and with full casting acquiring defenses is hardly a tough feat. Level adjustment buy off was used, hope that's alright.

A little summary of the abilities here:
-Able to cause her curses called witch's arrow in the form of disease transmitted by Contagion spell in a spell storing arrow. If possible, use Poison spell on the arrow for extra fun.
-Thought travel and transforming into a bird are right there with Dantalion vestige and lycanthrope template.
-Numbing cold achieved with Unseelie fey's Winter's Chill. This is enhanced with Aura of Sadness from Chupoclops.
-Wind travel is somewhat emulated with Ethereal movement of Dantalion's. Stormrage is a good possibility for a persistent spell here.
-Casting achieved with Ur-Priest.
-Sage role filled with Bardic abilities, divinations and Knowledge skills.
-Freezing people with a glance comes from Awe of Dantalion.
-Drumming actually gives something useful with Bard levels.
-Intimidation is a decent option if you have to be close to someone.

Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.

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Tshern's workbox Empty Something Phenomenal

Post by Tshern on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:09 pm

Lyrin Flamebellows
Venerable Greenbound Unseelie Fey Sagacious Ghost Domovoi Marshal 1/Rogue 1

Small Undead [Incorporeal]
Hit Dice: 4d12+8 (42)
Initiative: +2 (+17 with Motivate dexterity)
Speed: 20', fly 40' (perfect)
Armor Class: 32 Touch: 27 Flat-footed: 30
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+0
Attack: Quarterstaff +2 (1d4)
Full Attack: Quarterstaff +2 (1d4)
Space/Reach: 5'/5'
Special Attacks: Draining touch, Malevolence, Penetrating strike, Slam (1d4), Sneak attack (1d6) Telekinesis
SLAs: at will entangle (DC 26), pass without trace, produce flame (DC 26), pyrotechnics (smoke cloud only) (DC 27), speak with plants 3/day flaming sphere (DC 27)
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 10/magic & slashing, Fast healing 3, Lore (1d20+11), Slippery, Tremorsense 60', Undead traits, Winter chill
Class Features Minor aura (Motivate dexterity)
Saves: FORT 3 REFL 8 WILL 8
Abilities: STR 10 DEX 14 CON - INT 21 WIS 19 CHA 40
Skills: Bluff 16, Concentration 18, Decipher script 6, Diplomacy 25, Forgery 6, Hide 33, Intimidate 26, Knowledge (arcana) 14, Knowledge (architecture&engineering) 9, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 10, Knowledge (geography) 8, Knowledge (history) 14, Knowledge (local) 12, Knowledge (nature) 14, Knowledge (nobility&royalty) 8, Knowledge (religion) 14, Knowledge (the planes) 14, Listen 12, Move silently 25, Spellcraft 8, Spot 14, Use magic device 19
Feats: Empowered ability damage, Ghostly grasp, Knowledge devotion, Life sense
Flaws: Shaky, Vulnerable
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Challenge Rating: 6
Alignment: N/A
Languages Spoken: Common, Sylvan, Ignan, Draconic, Infernal, Dwarven, Elven
Level Adjustment:

Possessions: Headband of Conscious Effort, Cloak of Charisma+2/Resistance+1, Efficient quiver, masterwork chain shirt, dastana, quarterstaff, masterwork tools for Knowledges, Diplomacy, Hide, Move silently, Intimidate, Bluff, Spellcraft and UMD, Handy haversack, arrows (plenty of), 300 gp

Character background: Lyrin is a rare offspring of an affair between a dwarven mercenary and a young countess of the fey court. A child with such a background is called a domovoi, a rare breed that inherits the hardiness of the dwarves and the elegance and grace of the fey. While domovoi are rare, they tend to be very visible in the communities they inhabit. They believe it is their duty to use their natural talents to ensure no-one around them goes hungry and they do all they can to make their homes comfortable for everyone. Despite this, domovoi hardly ever find solace in one place and move around settling in communities that need their help. Such too was the life of Lyrin until the dawn of his third century.

Shortly after his 300th birthday, the new ruler of a vast empire decided it was time to do away with all the old customs and habits his subjects had followed for ages. Entire towns were subjugated and in some cases outright enslaved. Only a few months passed before the young king had to deal with a full-scale rebellion. Thousands of peasants, blacksmiths and artisans marched against the king and scored a number of impressive victories. However, when their triumph seemed all but inevitable, the king revealed his diabolical plan. He had let the rebellion escalate only to crush it down once and for all, establishing himself as the undisputed ruler of his empire. Utilising his soldiers hardened by half a dozen wars and highly trained mages he swiftly eradicated most of the rebels, but some were dealt excruciating punishments in order to show how unwise it was to question his position.

Of course, Lyrin was such an example. He was put through torture beyond the worst nightmares of mortals; his form was altered, limbs torn of only to be reattached and torn again and that was only the beginning. When the king finally grew tired of torturing his prisoners he gave all of them the same punishment, to be transformed into a tree and then used to create the vast bonfire where the bodies of the rebels were burnt. This is where Lyrin's background saved him. His dwarven perseverance and his magically empowered blood made sure he would not truly die and a year and a day later he was reanimated from the ashes as a ghost sworn to get revenge for every single rebel that died during the uprising.

Lyrin is still new to his new form and having lost most of his memory during the time he spent in the afterlife he remains a cautious combatant. Due to his advanced age and inherent wisdom he knows better than to rush into action and still seeks a more subtle way to set things right...

Lyrin appears as a 4' dwarf of regal bearing, an clear sign of his fey heritage. He always wears an elaborate chainshirt he crafted before joining the rebellion, but tries to hide it under his precious cloak he received from his mother and has cherised eversince. His hair is red and always kept on a tight know, but unlike most dwarves, his beard reminds more of a five o'clock shadow than the long bears of his fathers' side.

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